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Math Student’s  Requirements and Assignment Policy

1.) All the 7th and 8th grade students will be required to bring the following to math class each and every day:
    a.) Notebook (spiral, math only, do not tear any pages out of, put name on, 1/3 of grade)
    b.) Pencil (all assignments must be done in pencil)
    c.) Red pen
    d.) Text Book
    e.) Paper (loose leaf for assignments, do not use notebook)

2.) Students will refrain from using profanity or picking on other students.

3.) Students will respect school property (desk, books, chairs, etc.).

4.) Students will not be allowed to bring anything into the class that will distract from a sound learning environment (caps, toys, gum, candy, etc.).

Assignment Policy

Each student will be receiving an assignment every day except for test days. There will be approximately one test day per week. This does not mean each student will have homework every night.  The reason for this is each student will have an opportunity to finish the assignment in class most days.  Students may also finish the assignment in study hall.  All assignments will be done on loose leaf paper and written in pencil only.  If the student uses pen or does not show their work, the assignment will be considered incomplete.  All incomplete assignments will be recorded. If a student has an incomplete assignment the assignment will be recorded as a zero in the grade book. If a student completes all of his/her assignments for a period of two weeks they will be given a free assignment pass. every nine weeks a student will be able to collect up to 4 free assignment passes. These passes will only be used for math assignments.

Locker/Restroom Policy

Each student will be allowed one locker/restroom trip per week. A student may build up locker/restroom trips by not making any trips in a week. The students will be able to build up to 8 trips per quarter. If a student needs to use the restroom and has used his/her allotted number of trips they may go to the restroom/locker bust will owe 5 minutes after school the 1st time and 10 minutes for every time after the 1st.